Coronavirus Response
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Coronavirus Response

Being in the mitigation industry, we are constantly combating pathogenic and environmental microbial organisms. Most restoration contractors have the means and tools to help the public during a time of infectious outbreak.

There are both positive and negative factors at play in news regarding infection control. The bad news is, there is a raised concern about infectious agents and raised expectations for government, health officials, and custodial personnel to protect the public.

The good news is, restoration contractors have the means and tools to help in aiding the public during this time to help further prevent crisis. This awareness allows for an explosion in new tools, equipment, and procedures to help fight infection threats and aid in effective cleaning. According to Michael Pinto, our country has less to fear than previous country's taken by the virus due to a solid base of equipment and contractors that are able to step in and help the government and military during these times.

The Best First Step when Dealing with a New Infectious Agent:

Educate about the chain of infection and the basis of infection control.

It’s all about breaking the chain of transmission. We have infectious agents that spread through reservoirs, and inhabit susceptible hosts through a portal of entry.

A quick way to deal with this chain of infection is understanding this chain and breaking the cycle.

We must also face dealing with occupant activities and building environment, the two halves causing the spread of infection. The best solution is isolating infected people and using the proper personnel equipment. Unclean hands using common touch surfaces will generate a transmission of infection. We can break the transmission chain with personnel policies and hygienic cleaning to eliminate pathogens from critical sites before they can spread further.

Critical points for cleaning, from higher risk to lower risk:

  • Hands

  • Hand contact surfaces

  • Food contact surfaces

  • Cleaning cloths/utensils

  • Clothing & household linens

  • Toilets, sinks, baths

  • Floors, walls, furniture etc.

One of the best things you can do for your business at the moment, is add toilet seats with covers, and place the lid down before they flush the toilet. This will help fight the spread of microorganisms during a pandemic.

While information is gathered and changing daily, the CDC indicates that the new coronavirus can last anywhere from a few hours to up to 9 days. This means a three day weekend does not lower the transmission rate as well as other viruses and bacterias from schools and businesses.

With this particular pathogen being more aggressive, it carries a high chance of being present in toilets, waste traps, cloths, sponges, cleaning utensils, and a more moderate chance of being present on hands, food, water contact surfaces, clothing, and household linens.

Where Can Contractors Be of Most Use?

We can clean and sanitize areas such as:

  • Health care facilities

  • Schools/gyms

  • Businesses(especially retail)

  • Food preparation

  • Cruise ships

  • Homes of at risk individuals

  • Senior living facilities

  • Daycare centers

  • Hotels

  • Medical facilities

  • Office buildings

  • Government facilities

Homes are usually pretty safe, until you are dealing with at-risk individuals or people who have been exposed. Contractors can help lighten the load on the public as we face potential problems with absenteeism from schools, childcare centers, workplaces and public spaces.

Along with the elevated rates of hospitalizations and deaths, these public absences can contribute to overloaded healthcare systems by not providing proper childcare or means to complete daily routines. Law enforcement, emergency medical services, and emergency transportation could also become easily overwhelmed as infection increases. This leaves even more reason for restoration contractors to take proper precaution in protecting ourselves and our crew, protecting our clients, and protecting the public from the spread of infection. This means enforcing sick policy, educating staff on hand washing and cough etiquette, and keeping work facilities and work vehicles clean.

At T. Ryals, we offer commercial & residential property cleanings using the most versatile EPA registered disinfectants on the market, and our prices remain steady during virus outbreaks and public crisis. Contact us today if you are in need of having your home or commercial property cleaned and sanitized. 601.606.4183



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