Fire Restoration

Fire Damage: From Remediation to Restoration

Losing even a small part of your Mississippi home or business to fire damage is terrifying. However, there are ways to help reduce the stress and the loss. The T.Ryals Emergency Restoration team can quickly restore your home to pre-fire condition and help you navigate the insurance process. We can do anything from boarding up your property to removing the fire-damaged items, purifying the air, helping with smoke and soot removal, and so much more. We are a one-stop shop for headache-free fire remediation and restoration in Mississippi. You do not need to face the effects of a fire emergency alone. T. Ryals is right here with you.

Mississippi Fire Damage Cleanup Process


Call Our Emergency Phone Line

We will answer your call and be out to your site within 4 hours.


Damage Inspection and Assessment

Our team of professionals will thoroughly inspect and test every part of your home or business. We will document damage which will serve to support your insurance claim. This assessment is crucial and will help us to develop a plan of action.


Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Placement

Immediately following the assessment, we will board up any broken windows, damaged walls, and tarp your roof so your home remains secure as repairs take place.


Water Removal and Drying

If necessary, using commercial-grade equipment we will remove standing water and water that may have seeped into floors, walls, and other surfaces during fire control.


Smoke and Soot Removal

We will remove smoke using an air scrubber which has a HEPA filter. We will then clean all surfaces including walls, ceilings, and floors, from soot.


Remove Unsalvageable Items and Items that Require Cleaning

Before we start any restoration processes, we need to remove debris and items that are damaged beyond repair. We will also remove salvageable items and bring them back to our warehouse for cleaning and sanitization.


Deep Cleaning and Sanitization

Cleaning and sanitizing objects includes using environmentally friendly methods for removing residues, disinfectants and antimicrobials to prevent mold and mildew, and HVAC cleaning for ensuring fresh air cycles.



This may involve minor or major repairs including drywall replacement, painting, recarpeting, and fully reconstructing areas including the roof of your home or business.

T. Ryals Emergency Restoration did a heroic job on our home after a kitchen fire. We thought the amount of soot and ash was unfixable but they really went above and beyond with the clean up and repairs. We were very impressed by their attentiveness to detail. They answered the phone every time I called and their staff was professional and helped us handle several difficult interactions with our insurance company. Top notch service.

Erin Smith

On-Site Within 4 Hours for Remediation

Ash and residue from a fire can be more harmful than you think. If not treated properly, your health can be affected. You need a team you can trust. Our certified and insured professionals at T. Ryals Emergency Restoration will:

  • ZDeliver prompt damage assessment
  • ZProvide services such as smoke odor removal, sanitation and air purification
  • ZUse eco-friendly disinfectants and antimicrobials to clean and prevent mold and mildew
  • ZOffer emergency board-up and structural stabilization
  • ZWork with local and national insurance companies on your behalf
  • ZCarefully remove and secure damaged household goods, personal possessions and other contents for cleaning, restoration, and storage
  • ZRebuild affected areas

Our highly trained, local team of fire restoration specialists can be on-site within 4 hours, every day of the week. We are a certified and insured company working with many national and local insurance companies, so you can rely on us from start to finish.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Restoring the damage that fire causes can be time-consuming for individuals, which is one of the reasons why you should hire a professional fire restoration company, like us. Benefits of hiring our team include:

  • ZOur professionals will assess the damage, take tests, and begin the process without any delay
  • ZWe use tools and equipment that you might not have, including scrubbers, air movers and dehumidifiers
  • ZWe are able to remove soot, repair damage caused by soot, and get rid of the smell of smoke
  • ZOur services are comprehensive and will help you save time and money by staying on schedule and on within budget

As a professional restoration company, we provide fast and efficient fire cleanup, restore and rebuild affected areas, and give our best to bring the property to its pre-fire condition. We not only take care of smoke and soot removal but are also able to treat water damage and clean up your belongings that were damaged.

During and After Restoration

There are many considerations to make once the fire has been put out. This can include making sure the structure is still sound, boarding everything up to keep the rain and animals out, and then rebuilding anything that needs it. The entire structure needs to be cleaned, including small areas like your HVAC ductwork, anywhere water may have gotten into, and every surface requires purification. We can also help remove items from your home or business to minimize their damage, and store them off-site if you want to keep them safe. Anything you need to help after extinguishing a fire, we will do our best to provide. After a fire, you need to know that your property is safe to live or work in. We will help with all aspects of fire damage restoration that you may need. Your building will be free of smoke, soot, mold, mildew, and remnants of the fire and water. Contact us here at T. Ryals and let us know what happened. Then, we can come out, assess the issues, and help you get your life back to normal.

We are committed to answering calls 24/7 and can arrive within 4 hours.

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