Fire Restoration


Has your home or property been damaged because of an accidental fire? At T. Ryals Emergency Restoration, we offer affordable services for remediating fire damage, restoring your property to its original form, and ensuring that you and your family can get back to the home that you remember.


How is Fire Damage Classified?


After the fire department extinguishes a fire, it’s up to the property owner to contact their insurance agent. In terms of evaluating the extent of the fire damage, insurance agents will often fit the damage caused by the fire into six different classes:


1. Class A Fire Damage: involving flammable solids, such as plastics, paper, or wood

2. Class B Fire Damage: damage resulting from flammable liquids, such as oil, petrol or paint

3. Class C Fire Damage: involving flammable gasses, such as hydrogen, propane, or natural gas

4. Class D Fire Damage: fires caused by combustible metals, such as magnesium, potassium, or sodium

5. Class E Fire Damage: involves the introduction of electrical elements

6. Class F Fire Damage: damage results from cooking oils and fats


Most insurance companies divide fire damage into two broad categories: primary and secondary. Primary fire damage occurs as a direct result of the flames. Secondary fire refers to damage due to smoke and corrosive substances.


What Are The Effects of Smoke From a Fire?


Smoke damage is caused by fuel that didn't burn, made visible by the presence of small particulate matter. These particles contain many harmful chemicals, including carbon monoxide, methane, acids, and even traces of heavy metals.


Smoke is typically classified as:


  • Driven smoke - is energized and pressurized, and is most common on walls, roofs and vertical surfaces

  • Free-floating smoke - has lost its energy and is typically found on horizontal surfaces where it has settled

No matter how bad the smoke damage, fires can release a number of hazardous materials that affect the health and wellbeing of everyone in your home. Professional fire restoration services can remove smoke residue, eliminate toxic chemicals, inspect damaged electrical lines, test heating and ventilation equipment, and make sure your family stays safe.


How to Salvage Materials Affected By Fire Damage


Vacuums that use a HEPA filter can clean many items, but you should inventory, photograph and note the treatment that each object receives. Fire remediation typically includes salvaging materials such as:


  • Carpets, hardwood flooring and tiles

  • Fabrics, drapes and blinds

  • Furniture and appliances

  • Statues, paintings and other décor

  • Books and paper materials

  • Silver and glass objects


Cleaning and sanitizing objects include using environmentally friendly methods for removing residues, disinfectants and antimicrobials to prevent mold and mildew, and HVAC cleaning for ensuring fresh air cycles.

Benefits of Professional Fire Damage Restoration


Restoring the damage that fire causes can be time-consuming for individuals, which is one of the reasons why you should hire a professional fire restoration company. Other benefits include:


  • Professionals will assess the damage, take tests, and begin the process without any delay

  • Professionals use tools and equipment that you might not have, including scrubbers, air movers and dehumidifiers

  • Professionals will be able to remove soot, repair damage caused by soot, and get rid of the smell of smoke

  • Professional services will help you save time and money by staying on schedule and on within budget


Professional restoration companies provide fast and efficient fire cleanup, restore and rebuild affected areas, and give their best to bring the property to its pre-fire condition.


Affordable Fire Restoration Services in Mississippi


Did you have an electrical problem that turned into a fire? Ash and residue from a fire can be more harmful than you think. If not treated properly, your health can be affected. Our certified and insured professionals at T. Ryals Emergency Restoration will:


  • Deliver prompt damage assessment

  • Provide services such as smoke odor removal, sanitation and air purification

  • Use disinfectants and antimicrobials to clean and prevent mold and mildew

  • Offer emergency board-up and structural stabilization

  • Work with local and national insurance companies on your behalf

  • Carefully remove and secure damaged household goods, personal possessions and other contents for cleaning, restoration, and storage

  • Rebuild affected areas


Our highly trained, local team of fire restoration specialists can be on-site within 4 hours, every day of the week. We are a certified and insured company working with many national and local insurance companies, so you can rely on us from start to finish.



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