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Fallen Tree Removal in Central & Southern Mississippi

If you’ve had a tree fall on your house due to a powerful storm, tornado, or hurricane, it can cause further damage to your home or property if you’re not careful. At T. Ryals Emergency Restoration, we offer quick, affordable, and essential fallen tree removal services in Mississippi, to help you, your family, and your neighbors avoid any more disasters.

Who is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal?

If a fallen tree has impacted your home, homeowners insurance generally covers damage to homes and other structures during storms. If your neighbor’s tree damaged your home, your insurance provider may try and collect on your neighbor’s insurance and reimburse you later. If a tree has fallen in the street, it’s up to the local municipality or the state to remove the tree. The state is responsible for state roads, the county for county roads, and municipalities for municipal roads just like with road maintenance. If power lines have been damaged due to a fallen tree, your electric company needs to step in. Due to safety concerns, power is turned off, crews work to untangle the wires from the tree, and then power can be restored.

Will Insurance Cover Damage Caused By a Fallen Tree?

Under a standard homeowners insurance policy, damage caused by a fallen tree is covered. The coverage will apply to the insured structure as well as any item within the structure that is damaged due to the fallen tree. However, the insurance process can be complicated and the right documentation needs to be provided in order to ensure coverage is granted. Our team knows exactly what evidence is needed to get your claim approved and we will work with you to navigate the insurance process.

What To Do When a Tree Falls on Your House?



It is possible that the fallen tree compromised the structural integrity of your home. Get everyone out of the house and move to a safe place away from the downed tree.


Call 911

If you notice that the fallen tree has affected power lines then you need to inform 911 emergency services. Damaged power lines can be a fire and electrical shock hazard.


Document Damage

When all immediate danger has passed, you will need to take photos and videos of all damage caused. Make sure you get photos or better yet, videos, of structural damage, broken windows, and damage to your belongings. Leave the roof to a professional.


Call Your Homeowner’s Insurance To Start the Claims Process

You will need to get approval from them. The insurance process can be complicated. Our team knows exactly what evidence is needed to get your claim approved and we will work with you to navigate the insurance process and provide the necessary proof of damage.


Call a Professional Fallen Tree Removal Service in Mississippi, Like Us

It is important to take the necessary steps in order to ensure your belongings remain safe as you wait for repair approval from your insurance company. We will remove the tree, tarp your home, and board up any windows or openings created during the fall so your house remains secure.


Count On Us

After over 30 years in business, we have removed countless fallen trees which means we know exactly what to do when disaster strikes. Rest assured, we will walk you through exactly what you need to do to move on from this experience and get your home back. That includes providing any additional support for your insurance claim so we make sure you get coverage for the damage caused to your home.

Terry and his crew did a fantastic job on our home after a tree fell on it. They got to us really fast and did a great job removing the debris and walking us through the whole process of the rebuild and dealing with the insurance claim. They were always on time and easy to get in touch with. They provided high-quality service and remodeling. We will definitely use them for services in the future!

Han Nguyen

How Much Does Fallen Tree Removal Cost?

When a tree falls on your home and there is damage due to factors such as a bad storm, normal aging, or decay, it’s important to take action quickly. The cost can be determined by several factors, including:

  • ZThe dimensions of the tree - the height and diameter
  • ZIf the tree was healthy – difficult cuts add time and labor to any job
  • Z If the tree was dead or rotting – costs generally decrease if trees are easier to cut
  • ZThe location of the tree – remote locations cost more
  • ZIf there are any other obstacles that make removing the tree more difficult

If the branches need to be cut away, or stumps need to be removed, that may also cost more. Contact a professional service for a quick and easy estimate.

Save Time and Hassle With Our Tree Removal Service in MS

At T. Ryals, our experts can help by removing the tree and temporarily securing your property to prevent further damage. Our services include:

  • ZQuick response to service calls and damage assessment
  • ZEquipment to handle everything from limbs to full-sized trees
  • ZCareful removal to prevent further damage
  • ZRoof tarping
  • ZAssistance with your insurance claim

Professionals have the proper tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently without any damage to your property. An expert team will also be respectful of your time and get things done in a timely manner. Since it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to remove fallen trees on your property, do it safely with our certified professionals like us.

We are committed to answering calls 24/7 and can arrive within 4 hours.

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