Top Five Mistakes Homeowners Make After a Catastrophe

No one really stresses the procedures for a home catastrophe until they are stuck in the middle of one. Who do you call first? How do you handle an insurance claim? After falling victim to a disaster, it is easy to become frantic. Here are some common (avoidable) mistakes homeowners make when sorting out a home insurance claim.

Not Taking Pictures or Documenting Damages

Some homeowners might begin to repair the damages before an adjuster has a look at it. This can result in issues with the adjuster paying for repairs or giving you the full claim you are owed. Aside from preventing further damage, it is best to have the adjuster take a look before beginning main repairs.

Throwing Away Items that Have Been Ruined Before Taking Pictures or Inventory

Homeowners may think it is a good idea to begin small cleanup after a fire or house flood, but it is important not to throw away ruined or damaged items before they have been documented for the insurance company. This includes furniture, personal belongings, grocery items, etc. Doing so can result in less compensation than what is owed.

Not Securing the Property to Prevent Additional Damages

It is your responsibility as the homeowner to secure your home from additional damage. This means making the temporary repairs such as; tarp the roof, board up broken windows, and remove standing water. Be sure and stop short of removing any evidence of damages in your claim. Your insurance adjuster will need this evidence to proceed with the company compensating for the repairs. Don't procrastinate on preventing further damage because it is your responsibility as the homeowner to prevent these additional damages after a catastrophe! If you do not call someone to take immediate action, you as the policy holder, are fully responsible for any new damages due to neglect of the situation.

Not Involving a Claims Adjuster

After securing your home to prevent further damages, it is crucial that you contact your insurance adjuster to assess the situation. Home restoration works best when the homeowner, claims adjuster, and restoration contractor work as a team. A perfect triangle of communication between the three entities will ensure a job well done.

Not Making the Right Call

Hotline numbers cannot deliver the fast and personable service your local restoration company is ready to provide. We can be on the scene of a disaster within four hours, 24/7, 365 days a year. We know the ins and outs of the insurance process, and we can work with your insurance company to ensure you and your home or business is well taken care of. Some homeowners fall victim to using mitigation companies that cannot finish the restoration process. These companies will gut out your house, and leave you in need of a contractor to put it back together again. Here at T. Ryals Restoration, we will always build your home back to new.

As a home or commercial property owner, you cannot afford to wait after a structural disaster. We are licensed and insured to handle water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage repair, roofing, leak detection, mold removal, fallen tree removal, sewage back-up cleanup, and industrial cleaning/sanitizing.

We are the one-stop shop from the beginning to the end of the restoration process. Don't Stress. Let Us Clean Up the Mess. 601.606.4183