• Carlie Dillon

2019 Hurricane Season Is Here. Keep Your Family Safe This Hurricane Season!

Hurricane Preparation Tips

Hurricane season is back at it again!  Mississippi folks know all too well of the disastrous burdens a hurricane entails.  When whirlwinds and stormy days leave homes with undreamed-of damages and bitter dispositions, T. Ryals Restoration is right around the corner with a family of experts for the job.  While we can't always predict the weather, we CAN ensure healing and restoration of homes that have been inflicted by the sting of Mother Nature.  From one family to another, here are some tips to keep in mind for a safe and prepared hurricane season.

What's the Plan, Stan?

Anytime there is a threat for potential disaster, an emergency preparedness plan should be in place.  Start by forming this plan with immediate family members, other relatives, or close friends.  Who will you want to get in touch with if something happens?  Be sure to choose an out of state contact, for in the event local connection is lost.  Agree on a public meeting place that will still be accessible during the event of an emergency.  It is important to have enough supplies packed for 72 hours of survival without help from the outside.  Don't forget to pack any important documents, and keep a full tank of gasoline!  One should also be familiar with the safest travel routes for evacuation, emergency radio stations, and shelters that are available for seeking refuge.  People die from natural disasters all the time, simply from being unprepared.  Protect your family with a plan. 

Find the High Grounds

Thankfully, we live in a day and time where technology acknowledges severe weather before it strikes.  This gives us the time and advantage to properly prepare our homes and businesses for such an event.  It is always a good idea to prune tree branches, board windows, reinforce doors, and place sand bags where needed.  The winds that travel with a hurricane are frightening enough, but we sometimes forget how dangerous the rain is.  Flash flooding is the second leading cause of weather-related deaths (behind extreme heat), and over 50% of flood related drownings are vehicle related.  A quick google search can easily make one aware of which areas are prone to flooding, so they can be avoided at all costs.  

No matter what happens this hurricane season, T. Ryals is readily available for you when disaster strikes.  Contact us at (601)606-4183 for local, 24-hour emergency services equipped to handle any element of nature thrown your way.